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Employee Value Proposition

Are you losing top talent to competitors?

Employees are no longer in a holding position and are actively looking to leave your company. Learn how to prevent this here. Employers find their EVPs to be ineffective or difficult to maintain because they are composed of the wrong attributes or not differentiated from the competition, while others are unable to deliver on the EVP.

Financial Returns on Getting Your EVP Right

Many companies turn to CEB to help optimize their employee value proposition. The sheer simplicity of our approach nets positive returns on employee retention. We have found that companies who tightly manage their EVP build a forward-looking strategy with proactive (attraction) and defensive (retention) elements. Well-managed EVPs help mitigate cyclical workforce trends and create significant, positive financial impact.

CEB’s Approach to Optimizing the Employee Value Proposition

Our simple framework has helped companies optimize their EVP through aligning and communicating employment offers with the needs and preferences of key talent segments based on labor market trends. We conduct executive interviews and workshops with key stakeholders to understand external and internal perspectives and key talent priorities for your organization. We also use qualitative focus groups to help enrich your company’s understanding of employee values and perceptions and can assist with branding, messaging, and marketing support.

Key Phases of Our Approach:

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Create a strong EVP by realizing your competitive advantage and understanding the attributes that your current and future workforce value most.

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Employee Value Proposition

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