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Employee Engagement Surveys

CEB's employee engagement surveys provide your organization with comprehensive tools to drill deep into data, uncovering true insights that inform your business objectives. Learn more. Our consultants are committed to designing employee surveys that help you understand results, drive change, and predict outcomes at various levels of your enterprise.

Our comprehensive survey offering includes:

  • Proven models to define specific behaviors required to achieve organizational goals,
  • Precise measurement tools and advanced analytics to gauge performance against new priorities, and
  • Action planning tools and best practices that enable frontline staff to link activities to strategic priorities and their employee value proposition.

ClearAdvantage Framework

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Our research shows that while employee engagement is an important indicator of workforce performance, alone it is insufficient for measuring what matters in driving business results. The ClearAdvantage framework assesses the critical workforce capabilities needed to execute on your organization’s specific business priorities. It also assesses the capabilities for engagement, alignment, and agility—three competencies that every organization needs to succeed today. The result: a workforce survey that becomes a strategic tool to help drive organizational performance.

The CEB ClearAdvantage approach:

  • Equips managers at all levels with the skills and tools to drive engagement
  • Defines a clear set of cultural norms to guide decisions, to align employees, and focus their energy on key business priorities
  • Equips employees to be agile, to sense, and respond to change

Measuring Employee Engagement in the New Work Environment

Our employee survey development approach also incorporates key CEB research about the changing new work environment, which guides our approach to measuring workforce effectiveness. Our research has found that the new work environment is more:

Reliant on Coordination
Fact: 60% of employee need to coordinate with 10+ people to complete day to day work

Global and Virtual
Fact: 57% say they are doing more work with colleagues in other locations

Fact: 67% of employees say they are working with people from different teams/departments

Focused on Group Decision Making
Fact: 50% of employees say more people are involved in decision making than they were just 3 years ago.

Subject to Frequent Change
Fact: 63% of employees report that organizational objectivies are changing more frequently than 3 years ago.

Get quick insights about the new work environment and how leaders use culture to convert employee engagement into a competitive advantage. Download our insights brochure.

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