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360-Degree Feedback Solutions

CEB offers customized, multi-rater feedback solutions to help raise individual and organization performance levels. Learn more. We target behavioral areas most critical to you and focus your teams on action plans that offer the most potential for significant impact. Our employee survey solutions are backed by comprehensive and meaningful competency models and rating systems that are designed based on the strategic direction of your organization.

Scalable and secure, our solutions support easy and rapid deployment of web-based, 360-degree feedback surveys. It comes with out-of-the-box capability for 18 languages and has been reliably deployed in more than 50 additional languages. Once you’ve completed the initial setup, the automatic process doesn’t require any consultant intervention. Set your preferences, and you’re ready to go.

Key features:

  • View real-time response rates and get results immediately after survey close.
  • Set up rules to protect anonymity.
  • Easy authoring and adaptable to most languages
  • Create custom company directories and norm groups for benchmarking.
  • Flexible scheduling of report delivery and e-mail notifications
  • Custom reports and administrative portals available
  • Customizable with your company branding
  • Designed to HR-XML standards for integration

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