Workforce Surveys & Analytics

Our Talent Analytics Solutions

Our solutions are the result of the collaborative effort between our bright minds and yours. Every solution is tailored to your organization’s needs. Learn more. We bring to bear our proprietary research, insight, and technology to address each company's unique business priorities. We also rely on your experience and perspective, and together we build a fruitful thought partnership and drive real improvements in your organizational performance.

Solutions Supported by Years of CEB Research

Our work is generously backed by over 30 years of experience and CEB’s latest research. CEB is a best practice insight and technology company. In partnership with leading organizations around the globe, we develop innovative solutions to drive corporate performance. Learn more about CEB’s work with top companies.

What Makes Our Employee Surveys Different

When companies partner with us, they are getting more than just a survey platform. CEB's ClearAdvantage Model gives you and your organization the power to transform your workforce survey from a simple measurement tool into a scientific approach that can help boost your company’s competitive advantage. Learn more about our approach.

Services That Transform Your Workforce

Employee Surveys

Our survey development approach goes beyond customized question development. We employ our ClearAdvantage Model, linking employee engagement, strategic alignment, and agility initiatives in ways that positively impact your business objectives and performance. Learn more.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Development

CEB can help you develop a well-managed, differentiated employee value proposition to improve your ability to attract high-quality candidates, decrease compensation premiums for new hires, and fuel employee engagement and retention. Learn more about how we can help.

Total Rewards Optimization

Delivering a total rewards plan that balances employee preferences and total spend can optimize the impact of your investment. Our Value-Driven Plan Design™ can inform you of the rewards most valued across different employee segments. Learn more.

360-Degree Feedback Solutions

Our CEB SHL team develops comprehensive competency models and rating systems geared to your organization’s strategic direction. Our multi-rater feedback solutions include a fully online process, benchmark reporting, and action planning support. Learn more.

Organizational Change Survey

Our Organizational Change Survey allows you to quickly measure the extent to which your organization is executing on the key success drivers of Open Source change. It is a ~30-question survey organized by the drivers of successful organizational change and employees’ level of commitment to making a change in their own personal behavior. Learn More

Survey Platform: Introducing ClearForce Technology

CEB’s ClearForce survey technology provides a suite of tools to manage each stage of the survey process within your organization. Our platform helps simplify complex projects, reduces HR workload, streamlines survey initiatives, and brings to light critical next steps for leaders. Learn more.