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ClearAdvantage measures employee engagement, alignment, and agility, three universal competencies for organizational success. Learn more about them here. It also assesses specific workforce capabilities that your organization needs to execute on its business priorities. It's this focus on business priorities that makes the ClearAdvantage approach especially powerful. CEB uses this approach, leveraging our own best practices research and talent analytics to craft employee survey questions that assess the capabilities and cultural attributes that support your unique business priority.

Your employee survey can do much more than simply tell you whether your workforce is engaged and to what degree. Leading organizations know that they perform best when employees are engaged and also directing that effort toward activities and initiatives that help achieve the organization's business priorities.

Learn more about your unique business priority by clicking on the one that best aligns to your organizational strategy below.

CEB's ClearAdvantage framework is designed to help HR do just that. Incorporating this approach in your workforce survey helps assess whether your organizational culture demonstrates key capabilities known to support your business strategy. Let CEB show you how to make your survey work harder for you, going beyond just measuring engagement to creating a clear, competitive advantage for your organization.


Does Your Employee Survey Align the Workforce to Your Business Strategy? It's Really That Important...and Attainable.

HR is in a unique, enviable position to help the organization achieve its most critical business priorities. Learn how to use surveys to your advantage. Because your functional area touches every business unit at your organization, you sit at the center of the C-suite, with the influence to leverage your employee survey in a powerful way. Using the ClearAdvantage approach, your engagement survey can become that strategic workforce tool evaluating whether your organization has the critical capabilities it needs to successfully execute its business priorities.


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There are a number of resources available to help you learn more about how to put your survey to work:

  • Watch the Video and download the infographic.
  • Use the form to download the "Role of Business Priorities in the ClearAdvantage Framework" white paper which defines each business priority and shows ways to design your survey to measure key capabilities necessary to achieve them. A consultant will be in touch to learn more about your needs.
  • Get educated on the ClearAdvantage approach.
  • Browse the site to learn more about how to achieve a culture that drives your specific business priority.


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