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Drive Change that Aligns Your Culture to Your Business Strategy: Innovation

Are You Culturally Aligned to Lead Your Company Towards Innovation?

Learn how culture is your greatest asset for building and sustaining leadership in innovation.

If your organization culture is not actively supporting your innovation strategy, it's holding you back. The average large organization stands to lose $9 billion over the next five years because its organizational culture is preventing good ideas from materializing. Firms often see innovation as primarily an activity under R&D and Marketing. Although these functions play critical roles, the most innovative companies treat innovation as every employee's responsibility. Innovation is not the domain of certain functions or specific employees; rather, it is ingrained in the organization's culture.

What The Best Companies Do


CEB can help you make the most out of your innovation investments by creating a customized employee survey based on your organization's strategic priorities. Our work is based on talent analytics that show you how leading firms build a culture of innovation, accelerate stakeholder commitment to transformation innovation, and increase internal momentum around growth opportunities.

Identify and foster the right workforce capabilities to align your culture and get the most out of innovation investments.

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There are a number of resources available to help you learn more about how to put your survey to work:

  • Watch the Video and download the infographic.
  • Use the form to download the "Role of Business Priorities in the ClearAdvantage Framework" white paper which defines each business priority and shows ways to design your survey to measure key capabilities necessary to achieve them. A consultant will be in touch to learn more about your needs.
  • Get educated on the ClearAdvantage approach.
  • Browse the site to learn more about how to achieve a culture that drives your specific business priority.


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