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Drive Change that Aligns Your Culture to Your Business Strategy: Customer Centricity

Are You Culturally Aligned to Achieve Customer Centricity?

Learn the difference between being customer focused and customer centric.

Customer centricity means more than delivering the right products for an excellent customer experience. It represents a fundamental reorientation on your most valuable customers across all functions of the business. Without an organizational culture that completely lives and breathes customer centricity, companies that attempt to become customer centric fall short.

What The Best Companies Do


CEB can help you make the most out of your investments by creating a customized employee survey based on your organization's customer centric priorities. Our work is based on research that helps you drive customer-focused decision making with profiles showcasing how leading firms align the organization to deliver against key customer priorities. Our research also helps reframe the customer loyalty discussion by sharing best practices for improving customer relationships by creating low effort experiences.

Identify and foster the right workforce capabilities to align your culture and become truly customer centric.

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