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Drive Change that Aligns Your Culture to Your Business Strategy: Business Model Transformation

Are You Culturally Aligned to Achieve Your Business Model Transformation Goals?

Learn how to overcome the main challenges that can thwart a successful business model transformation.

CEB's research on business model transformation suggests that organizations run into two major types of obstacles: organizational resistance, whereas the business model change never happens or is discontinued, and disappointing economics, whereas the business model launches but never creates or captures value.

What The Best Companies Do

Align Your Culture for Business Model Transformation

CEB's research-based approach enables organizations to identify pain points in transforming their business model and provides proven resources to address and take action against them.

Using Informal Networks to Drive Change

In our webinar, “Building Organizational Alignment to Lead and Manage Change”, you can learn the importance of building agility in informal networks to help lead and create sustainable change. Watch the webinar replay, or download the eBook excerpt to learn more.

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