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Put the Action Back in Planning

Ask the Expert Webinar: Using Peer-Nominated Teams to Drive Action on Survey Results

Employee surveys generate a tremendous amount of data, but that data is only as useful as the actions and changes that result from it. Learn how to act on that data here. Many organizations engage in robust action planning following their employee surveys, but plans are not sufficient. Following action planning you need...action. Many organizations struggle to bring their plans to life, make change happen, and evaluate the impact that action had on the organization. It's no surprise that when we ask employees of large organizations worldwide what happens with survey results at their respective companies, they say their firms do well with communication and planning, but fall short on implementation:

  • Sixty-nine percent of employees said key findings were communicated to employees,
  • 64% said their work groups discussed the results, but
  • Only 41% said that actions taken following the survey resulted in tangible change for their companies. 

Some of our client organizations excel in both action planning and action. Salt River Project (SRP), the third largest public power utility in the U.S., worked with CEB's Workforce Surveys & Analytics to design a peer-nominated team approach to drive change in one of its lower-scoring divisions. In the year following the peer-nominated team initiative, that division's survey scores increased significantly, and their gains were significantly higher than those of other divisions.

CEB co-hosted a webinar with Dr. Tina Drews, Manager of Learning & Development Services, Stephanie Winn, Senior Analyst in Learning & Development Services from SRP, and Paul Mastrangelo, Senior Consultant with CEB's Workforce Surveys & Analytics group where they discussed how they designed and implemented effective post-survey change intervention.

Access our complimentary webinar replay where you will learn:

  • Why organizations face challenges in moving from action planning to action
  • How SRP designed its peer-nominated team intervention to create sustainable change
  • Learn the benefits of using network performers in the action planning and execution process

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