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Recruit Emerging Skills in Changing Markets


Recruit Emerging Skills with a New Recruitment Strategy

The talent market is going through a dramatic transformation - what were key skills yesterday are no longer key today and new skills are continuously emerging. Changes are no longer incremental, they are unprecedented and this trend is predicted to continue over the next five years or more. 

HR and Recruiting leaders are finding it harder to rely on just their personal experiences, internal talent and company data, and peer group networks alone to build the right recruitment strategies. In order to meet the critical talent requirements over the short-term and long-term horizons, HR needs to have a data-driven approach to recruiting - a complete view of not just their internal data but also the external labor market data, as well as an understanding of their competitors’ hiring practices. 

In this educational webinar from CEB TalentNeuron™, we cover:

  • Emerging hiring trends: What are some hot skills and roles in demand across specific industries?
  • Competitive hiring trends: What skills are your competitors hiring for?
  • Location and Cost Analysis: What type of talent is available and at what cost in your specific locations?
  • Recruiting Best Practices: What tools and strategies are progressive organizations using to meet their talent needs?

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