CEB TalentNeuron

Make More Informed Workforce Planning and Recruiting Decisions

According to CEB research, shifting from reactive to proactive talent planning drives 19% greater business impact. However, fewer than 1 in 5 companies are effective at aligning talent needs with business objectives.

TalentNeuron provides HR professionals with actual labor market insights on location, talent, competitive intelligence, and trends to inform management and key stakeholders on recruitment and workforce planning decisions that have a real impact on business objectives. Fact-based decisions save companies time, money, and resources, while impacting the bottom line.

For Recruiters: TalentNeuron helps you with your everyday recruiting and provides rich talent demand data in real-time – to help you find the right candidates, set expectations with your hiring managers, and reduce time-to-hire. You get full access to job descriptions, historical and competitor hiring trends data, and expanded contact information to help you target the relevant candidates immediately.

For Workforce Planners and Talent Advisors: TalentNeuron helps you with your workforce planning needs and provides human-curated global talent supply data analytics and insights across strategic talent planning, location optimization, competitive intelligence, diversity planning, cost analysis, and university hiring. You can also get access to Workbench – an expert team of data scientists that can build custom reports and insights specific to your organization and business needs.

Data and insights essential to talent planning and acquisition.