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Workforce Planning and Recruitment Strategies

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Innovative Workforce Planning and Recruitment Strategies that Win the Talent War

Who's Winning the Talent War?

Nothing is business as usual, yet business unit leaders expect more than ever. Talent decisions are therefore becoming increasingly complex and the costs of misplaced judgements are high. 

For example: 

■ A typical Silicon Valley area business unit with 100 full-time hardware development engineers can lose $6 million a year from inadequate talent planning

■ A typical software product development office with 100 new employees could lose $21 million a year from the choice of a wrong location.

Download this CEB TalentNeuron™ white paper, Who's Winning the Talent War?, to learn how 11 leading companies are making the right talent decisions with insight and labor market data.

“Quite frankly, I don't think we had a seat at the table before TalentNeuron. Leveraging the data has allowed us to be a stronger, value-added partner with the business and has actually made us a stronger company, because we’re making the right decisions.” 

- Vice President of Talent Acquisition Large Software Company