Strategic Workforce Planning

Transforming the Approach with External Labor Market Data

Learn to Use Labor Market Data for Effective Strategic Workforce Planning

Making the right talent decisions for short-term and long-term requires insight, and that requires data—It is not enough to know what is going on inside your organization, your industry or rely just on historical data and hiring manager demands. What worked five or even two years ago may not work today or tomorrow.

Download this on-demand webinar to learn how to apply external labor market data to:

  • Identify critical talent and top skills
  • Analyze critical workforce characteristics
  • Minimize gaps
  • Estimate growth trends

HR leaders need insights into the entire talent ecosystem – emerging skills; talent, cost, and competitor trends and predictions; start-ups, patent data; and more. 

Download this insightful on-demand webinar to learn how leading companies are using innovative planning techniques, talent analytics, and labor market intelligence to bring new realism, insight, and precision to strategic workforce planning. 


TalentNeuron prepared a white paper on this same topic. Download this guide to learn how to implement a data-driven strategic workforce planning approach: Strategic Workforce Planning - Transform Your Approach with External Labor Market Data.