CEB TalentNeuron

Large Financial Services Company: Understanding Talent Skill Gaps and Hiring Critical Talent

Client Challenge

Our client wanted to better understand its talent needs and gaps, so that it could recruit the exact critical skills and talent (current and future) it needed and keep up with rapidly evolving global workplace and remain competitive.


Armed with TalentNeuron analytics and data science expertise, the company started with analyzing internal talent profile data as well as external talent data (Google Scholar, LinkedIn) to understand the capabilities that it identified as strategically important and by assessing how strong they are in comparison to the marketplace.

Instead of focusing on the individual talent by name; the company took a quantitative, broader view to understand what capabilities they represent for the company.  The company put together a cross-functional along with TalentNeuron, to analyze self-reported and publically available information of employees who were identified by leaders as critical for continued business success. It developed an interactive dashboard to enable detailed analysis, offer focus on specific segments, and give a visual data display about talent and capabilities data.


TalentNeuron enabled the client to realize both immediate and longer term high-value benefits and reverse engineer the critical talent it needed:

  • Capabilities:  Answer key questions regarding our current critical talent pool.
    • Do we have the capabilities to execute on business priorities (by BU and as a whole)?
    • Are we ahead, behind or aligned with our competitors?
  • Quality: Use the data to assess the quality of the identified talent.
    • Determine capability quality and measure & monitor competitive advantage.
    • Enhance discussions and decisions leading to the identification of critical talent.
  • Pipeline: Use data to reset and refine talent pipeline.
    • Develop capability profiles to help assess talent and focus recruitment efforts to address capability gaps.
    • Identify common traits or development paths for top talent and use that to inform profiles that should be targeted.