CEB TalentNeuron

We were successful in attracting talent from the target cities and relocating them to Seattle without wasting precious advertising dollars and recruiting efforts.

Jonathan Turner


Director, Global Talent Management

To inform its candidate attraction and selection investments, B/E Aerospace partners with CEB TalentNeuron to analyze target talent markets and competitive trends.

Client Challenge

Make Smart Recruiting Investments

B/E Aerospace’s HR team needed to identify talent in the ultra-competitive aerospace engineering labor market with not only next-generation strategic and innovation skills but also a willingness to relocate to Seattle.


Insight-Led Recruitment and Sourcing Planning

We applied research from big data sources to objectively compare various cities based on the availability and migratory patterns of the talent pool.

We also monitored competitor information to evaluate market competitiveness and provided relocation “talking points” unique to the selected cities.

The total analysis helped B/E Aerospace target and prioritize its recruiting investments.


Efficiently Allocate Resources

Our solutions enabled B/E Aerospace to cost-effectively attract top-tier mobile talent.