CEB TalentNeuron

Case Studies

TalentNeuron helps clients make intelligent decisions that guide their short-term recruiting and long-term talent planning.

  • B/E Aerospace  |  To inform its candidate attraction and selection investments, B/E Aerospace partnered with TalentNeuron to analyze target talent markets and competitive trends.
  • Large Financial Services Company  |  Client used TalentNeuron to conduct critical skills gap analysis to source and hire top

  • Who's Winning the Talent War  |  Learn how 11 clients used TalentNeuron to make the right talent decisions with insight and labor market data. 

We were successful in attracting talent from the target cities and relocating them to Seattle without wasting precious advertising dollars and recruiting efforts.

Jonathan Turner


Director, Global Talent Management, B/E Aerospace

TalentNeuron paid for itself after two hires… my first reaction was… Whoa! If you can bring in multiple job boards at once, that is so efficient — that’s six different searches that can happen in one click.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Major Mass Media Company

In recruiting it’s about speed, efficiency and quality. This tool gives recruiters confidence to show what the market brings to bear, and then shows what they can do specifically to fill those needs.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Major Software Company