CEB Talent Management Cloud

CEB Talent Management Cloud

CEB Talent Management Cloud

CEB helps companies grow by solving their complex talent problems and creating competitive advantage in the quest to attract, develop and retain top talent. We do this with best practice insights, advisory services, and technology products that ready the leaders we work with for the new frontier of talent management. 


Proven. Predictive. Precise.

The CEB Talent Management Cloud puts unmatched data at your fingertips and gives you effortless access to the most progressive, outcome-focused solutions available. Every day hundreds of CEB software engineers, data analytics experts and I/O psychologists push the boundaries of talent science to bring new capabilities directly to the cloud. This ensures that you’re able to navigate every stage of the employee lifecycle with precision. From workforce planning to leadership development, the best companies rely on the tools in the CEB Talent Management Cloud to drive tangible results from their talent investments.

The New Frontier of Talent Management

Let CEB Talent Management Cloud be the platform that powers all your talent management needs. Learn how we can help you:

Leverage talent and labor-market intelligence to advance talent planning and development and improve data-based decision making

Improve hiring outcomes and achieve business objectives by identifying and selecting the best-quality candidates using proven tools, assessments and tailored services.

Understand employee sentiment and successfully drive agility and alignment through employee surveys that provide a holistic approach to assessing attributes for organizational effectiveness.

Design and execute a precise recruiting and sourcing strategy to find the talent most needed by the enterprise.

Enable the organization to precisely address key issues when managing the performance and development of professional, managerial and executive talent across functions and the enterprise 

Improve employee performance, accelerate skill development and increase engagement by redesigning and implementing a new approach to your performance management system.