CEB Talent Report: Big Data Insight And Analysis Of The Global Workforce

This report brings the best in talent analytics to bear to provide new insights on important talent management topics: leadership, innovation, organisational risk, diversity, and the distribution of critical employee skills globally.

Delivering over 30 million assessments around the world each year places us in a unique position to share a global and a local view of talent. In this report, that view is shared in the context of the most pressing talent questions of today:

  • What does the supply of leadership potential look like by geography and by industry sector?
  • What are the talents that drive effective innovation and how are those talents distributed globally?
  • Which sectors are most at risk from the behaviour of their people?
  • Is the gender imbalance in favour of men for senior positions driven by differences in leadership potential?
  • What are the implications of an aging workforce for the future supply of leaders and the dynamics of the workplace over the next decade?
  • Which geographies are best placed in the global race for skills?
  • Where can I find the talent I need?

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