Boost your HR process efficiencies and improve quality of hire with our assessment data on your people’s behavior, ability and potential – inside your chosen Talent Management System.

Integrating Insights from CEB Talent Assessment with Talent Management Systems:

  • Significantly reduces costs and HR time spent through process automation
  • Increases objectivity through valid, unbiased and job relevant assessment
  • Provides a unified view of people data within your existing system
  • Enables comprehensive reporting and analytic tools at your fingertips
  • Provides automated or manual progression through the talent management process
  • Creates a seamless candidate experience

A Flexible Customer Approach

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Whatever your starting point, our dedicated Talent Management Consulting team has the know-how to fit in with your HR technology investment, so you can optimize on what you already have today or work with your planned future investment. 

We work and integrate with many leading talent management providers who share our passion and commitment in delivering effective integrated solutions to both local and global organizations. You can find a list of these providers below.

Demo Zone


Select one of the video links below to discover how integrating data from CEB Talent Assessment with some of the leading Talent Management Systems can dynamically enhance HR processes and improve quality of hire.

To find out more about integrating assessments into your Talent Management System, please view our brochure  "Transform Your Talent Management System". If you are interested in becoming an Alliance Partner, please contact: alliances@cebglobal.com.

CEB Talent Assessment Resellers are experts at using our tools to define, measure and realize potential in your staff. Resellers can help you solve issues related to recruiting the best talent, developing your existing talent and making sure that you have the right people resources in place to meet your business goals. Resellers are able to support any of your assessment needs.

Our Resellers operate throughout the world. To request Reseller details for your area, email us at: reseller@cebglobal.com

If you are a current Reseller or are interested in becoming one:

  • Visit our Reseller Contract Application page where you can register as a Reseller.        
  • Go to our Partner Portal for exclusive access to Premium and Enterprise Resellers.                                      

For Reseller and Client related information on your products and services, you can access our Online Client Support Site.

As part of our ongoing plans to expand our global footprint and serve customers worldwide, we have appointed an independent company as an Approved Distributor of CEB Talent Assessment in the countries below. Each of these approved distributors have been exclusively contracted to provide CEB Talent Assessment in local language within their territory.

Please contact us (emergingmarkets@cebglobal.com) if you are interested in becoming a distributor or reseller.