Attributes That Drive Business Success

Our psychometric and algorithmic assessments are valid, job-related tools that clearly map to specific business needs and outcomes - see below all types of asssessments we offer. Utilizing our assessments within your talent management process can yield:

  • Better hiring decisions;
  • Time and cost savings;
  • Enhanced employer brand;
  • Improved people development and succession decisions;
  • More successful reorganizations and restructuring;
  • Stronger alignment of people with strategy;
  • Ease of talent benchmarking throughout your business and with other organizations.

Download our Talent Assessment Overview brochure to read more on our different assessments, how to select and evaluate assessment methods and how assessments can be applied to improve talent decisions.

Assessment Catalog


SHL Verify range of online tests identify high-calibre talent quickly, efficiently, accurately, and securely. Highly effective in predicting job success, these tests objectively measure problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities. A wide range of assessments is available, appropriate for all job levels and industries, including numerical, verbal, inductive, checking, calculation, reading, and mechanical comprehension tests. 

Personality and Behavior

Our personality and behavior assessments , including SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and SHL Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) unlock potential by ensuring employees are well matched to their jobs. Use in recruitment or development programs to ensure your people have the right behaviors and motivation to succeed. Identify the behaviors that directly impact job performance and the employees most likely to be safe and dependable workers. And ensure you have the right people for your organization by linking personality assessments to your competency framework and using our competency-based interview tools and assessment center exercises.

Knowledge and Skills

Identify people with the skills to be productive from their first day. CEB Talent Assessment tests measure specific skills and knowledge areas to understand individual strengths/weaknesses and assess job readiness. Skills assessments are especially important in jobs where on-the-job training opportunities are limited or where posts have to be filled quickly. The tests cover clerical skills, business-essential (including software) skills, and IT professional skills. We also offer an IT professional certification program for today’s most in-demand job functions through Brainbench, a CEB company. For more information, visit the Brainbench certification website.

Performance and Development

Our 360 Multi-Rater Feedback System gives you a structured, in-depth perspective on performance and potential, based on the ratings of colleagues, peers, managers, and clients. It means you can empower employees to take ownership of their career development and ensure that they are working in areas where they can add the most value. The system provides detailed and practical development and coaching tips to help employees create personal objectives and improve performance.

Job and Company Fit

CEB Talent Assessment online job and culture previews help reduce unsuitable applications by ensuring candidates understand the requirements of the job – and your organization – before they apply. You can also sift out your least suitable applicants using our avatar- or video-based talent screeners. These situational judgment tests help you reduce costs, speed up selection, and maximize candidate engagement, as the tests are seen as job relevant and fun to complete. 

Customized Solutions

Solutions tailored to your requirements through a world-class consulting practice, with more than 300 consultants worldwide.

We work with industry leaders in every major market segment to translate people data into measurable bottom-line business results. Pre-packaged assessment solutions are available for most job levels and titles in all major sectors, including the following:

Financial Services/Banking

Our Banking Suite incorporates 11 pre-packaged job solutions into one easy-to-use suite. Our clients include 8 of the top 10 US banks.


Our Insurance Suite measures critical competencies and helps you hire the best candidates for a variety of insurance roles. Insurance agents who scored well on our assessments sold $20K more per year.


Improve sales, build customer loyalty, and reduce turnover with our Retail Suite. Identify candidates who will thrive in a retail environment, stay on the job, and drive sales. Our clients include 12 of the top 20 US retailers.


Our Hospitality Suite helps you hire the best managers, retail associates, front desk receptionists, guest services specialists, and reservations agents. Our customers in the hospitality sector report a $1,000/day increase in sales per agent and an 83% reduction in turnover.


Our proven assessments for healthcare environments help you create a high-performing facility whilst ensuring top-quality and compassionate care. Provide effective, affordable healthcare while improving retention and operational efficiency. Rely on our Healthcare Suite to hire the best team of nurses, technical professionals, leaders and support staff. Our client in the healthcare sector reports a 46% reduction in turnover among telenurses (see our Business Outcomes Report).


Our Production Problem Solving and Process Monitoring assessments measure required knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies in a production/manufacturing environment. A leading global manufacturing company reports that our assessments quickly screen out approximately 30% of poor-fit applicants, significantly reducing the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job.


Telecom providers can easily identify top performers, pinpoint critical development needs, and deliver objective and structured feedback practical for their working environments. SHL Talent Measurement telecom customers report a 63% reduction in call centre turnover and £33M (€ 38M) revenue retained by customer agents.


Our clients in the communications sector report that candidates who scored well on assessments perform better and stay with the organization longer, significantly reducing turnover.  


Identifying and hiring top-performing talent is always challenging in the technology sector. Our assessments streamline the recruitment process and accurately identify the most exceptional high-tech talent with verified relevant skills – faster and earlier than ever before. Using our assessments, one of the world’s leading technology companies quickly screens out up to 70% of applicants, saving significant time and money.

Transportation and Logistics

Drive performance with reliable, world-class talent using Talent Measurement assessments at all levels – from operators and drivers to senior leaders in the transportation industry. High scorers on our assessments received “Excellent” performance ratings and were 53% more likely to advance at a leading transportation company (see Business Outcomes Report).

Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing firms drive operational efficiencies and bottom-line cost improvements for their clients. Our assessments ensure BPO firms are models of efficiency and capability through their top-tier talent. Agents at two client business process outsourcing firms logged 18 additional days of productivity per employee annually and a 35% reduction in average handle time (see 2013 Business Outcomes Report).

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO Performance Booster Program has been designed to drive more quantitative and qualitative value out of recruitment services delivered by RPO providers.

Consumer Brands

Our assessments help the world’s largest consumer brand and manufacturing companies increase their global competitiveness by identifying top performers and preparing employees for new challenges. Plus, we increase productivity by reengineering the people side of manufacturing and production teams. A world-leading consumer brand client reports that store managers who score well on assessments are three times as likely to be top contributors to sales, growth, operating profit, and shrinkage.

Pre-packaged solutions combine evaluation of job readiness and performance potential for positions in every job family, from entry to executive level. Sample job categories include:

Call/Contact Center

A call center rep may be a customer’s only contact with your company. It’s more critical than ever to hire employees with effective communication, problem-solving, and computer skills, who are also responsive, patient, and loyal. CEB's award-winning, full-service Contact Center Suite enables you to hire employees who can delight your customers during every engagement.

Customer Service/Technical Support

Support and service teams are crucial to converting negative customer experiences into great ones. Companies rely on us to identify reps who can give customers the right answers faster and can communicate with empathy. Our Customer Contact solution identifies top-tier customer service potential.


Your sales force is your most critical investment. Your team must possess the competencies to convert prospects into customers and build lasting, profitable business relationships. Our Sales Suite will help you identify candidates and retain top sales performers who can win valuable long-term customers.


Highly competent administrative and clerical professionals are essential for every organization. Discover the highest-quality candidates who ramp up quickly and demonstrate potential to grow within the company. Evaluate computer skills, math, and English, as well as dependability and customer focus with our assessments.


Collections agents must delicately balance between building a customer relationship and protecting the company’s bottom line. Identify candidates who possess the required math and communication skills, as well as the interpersonal skills to handle delicate client interactions using our assessments.

Information Technology/Tech Support

Apply our assessments to assess professional skills, including programming in various languages/environments, help desk support capabilities, administering databases and servers, troubleshooting, network implementation, platform knowledge, and software maintenance.

Management/Senior Leadership

Managers make critical daily decisions that have a direct impact on all levels of an organization. Which managers can prioritize with minimal guidance? Do they generate visionary ideas, and establish and communicate clear goals? Apply our assessments to ensure that you hire and advance individuals who possess essential leadership qualities, working styles, and interpersonal skills to manage and motivate staff and achieve your business objectives.