Success in the New Work Environment requires Enterprise Contributors.

The Performance Transformation

And most employees are willing to perform collaboratively as Enterprise Contributors, meaning investing in incentives or other means of motivation is a wasted effort.

So why do so few employees qualify as Enterprise Contributors? Three in four say the organization needs to make it easier for them to meet this new performance expectation.

Four paradoxes are at play:

  1. Co-workers are asked to help each other, but they also compete for raises and promotions.
  2. Employees need autonomy, but they also require direction in prioritizing their activities.
  3. While collaboration tools can improve quality, they can slow execution.
  4. Employees value contributing, but being rewarded for it actually reduces their motivation.

Simplifying the workplace is not an option; complex work environments are a reality. The best companies don't simplify this environment, but enable employees to navigate it and perform as Enterprise Contributors. Doing so helps them realize 11% higher YoY profit growth and 5% higher YoY revenue growth.



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Performance Transformation

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