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Corporations spend an estimated $145 billion annually on training, but fewer than half those investments result in tangible returns. Why? CEB research shows that the average employee is spending 11% of their work day on unproductive learning, costing their L&D team $5 million annually in wasted budget. For the broader organization, this translates to over $130 million in lost employee productivity. Metrics That Matter™ users, however, see a 20:1 ROI; our products and services help reduce wasted learning, cut administrative costs, and improve productivity.

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ROI Calculator

Benefits: Reduced Wasted Learning
Company’s Annual Revenue
L&D as % of Revenue %
L&D Investment 5,000,000
Waste or Unrealized Value % 55%
Waste or Unrealized Value $ 2,750,000
Waste Reduction From Measurement % 5%
Total Waste Reduction From Measurement 137,500
Benefits: Reduced Administrative Costs
Average Salary of 1 Full-Time Admin for Metrics
Average Cost Avoided From Unnecessary Analysis 50,000
Estimated Cost to Replicate Fraction of Benchmarks 50,000
Admin Savings From Measurement and Benchmarks 75%
Total Administrative Cost Savings 116,250
Benefits: Improved Productivity
Revenue 500,000,000
Labor Percentage %
Labor Cost 125,000,000
Average Increased Productivity From Measurement % 4.30%
Increased Performance From Measurement 5,375,000.00
Total Estimated Benefit Derived From MTM 5,628,750.00
Cost of Annual MTM Agreement *
Cost-Benefit Ratio:1 112.575
MTM as % of Learning Investment 1%

* The cost of MTM varies depending on audience size, subscription term, and functionality chosen. Please consult CEB for a specific price quote.