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The Value of Implementing
Metrics That Matter™

Research Investigating MTM's Impact On Performance And Business Improvement

Performance improvement percentages over 5 - 6 years.

Are there real, tangible benefits from implementing CEB's Metrics That Matter? Any system that increases value and efficiency within multiple areas of an organization is a worthwhile investment. MTM's system is designed to measure the impact of training programs and other aspects of human capital across multiple areas, including:

  • Administrative efficiency
  • Reporting quality and efficiency
  • Data aggregation and usage
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of training events
  • Identifying defects and facilitating continuous improvement

To test this, we gathered and analyzed vast amounts of data from several MTM clients. The results of our study showed a 3% to 5% increase in productivity over a five-to-six-year period. For an organization with $1B in revenue, spending 25% - or $250M - on payroll, translates to a $7.5M to $12.5M improvement.

Download MTM's whitepaper to learn more about the research and its results.