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L&D Takes On: Facilitating C-Suite Conversations


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Business leaders expect L&D to guide critical decisions about talent. But poor metrics, insufficient reporting, and vague insights lead to a fundamental disconnect when L&D attempts to demonstrate and communicate impact. On average, only 25% of executives feel like they receive real insights about Learning investments.

CEB Metrics That Matter technology and resources prepare L&D professionals for executive-level conversations by providing scientific, statistically validated learning analytics that reveals the link between L&D and business impact. By providing business intelligence in a format that aligns to the decisions executives need to make, L&D transforms from an order-taker to strategic business partner critical to organizational success. Striving for continuous improvement, leveraging standardized templates built on best practices, and focusing on data-driven insights are only a few of the many activities required to solidify L&D's role as a business advisor.

To learn more about how Metrics That Matter can help L&D earn a seat at the table, as well as other top CEB research, download the infographic below.

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