Aligning L&D's Value with the C-Suite


Using a Portfolio Evaluation Model to Show Impact

CEB Analysis

Articulating value based on business impact and outcomes has become more critical than ever before. Unfortunately, traditional metrics used by L&D have not translated well into a broader conversation with the business, resulting in a lack of confidence in L&D's ability to deliver recognizable value. Even well-run L&D organizations with industry-leading measurement cultures are struggling to establish and communicate alignment with the businesses they serve.

Organizations who fail to address this struggle risk losing market share and funding, and there is evidence that this is already occurring in many organizations. The only true solution to bridging the gap between L&D and business leaders, is to implement a portfolio evaluation approach to L&D. It is a clear, outcome-centered framework that can be used to position L&D's contributions in business-focused terms, at the right level of detail for executive reporting.

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