Learning Analytics Workshop

Live Event

How to Ensure L&D Measures Up

Metrics that Matter™ hosts the Learning Analytics Workshop as an educational forum so L&D professionals can learn more about how to apply measurement processes to evaluate the impact of development programs.  Attendees will learn strategies and tactics to apply learning analytics so they can:

  • Demonstrate the value of L&D programs to business leaders
  • Continuously improve learning and development products
  • Scale the evaluation process across the organization 


Welcome and Breakfast


Introductions and Learning Analytics Overview


  • Attendee introductions and learning needs
  • What is learning analytics?
  • Learning analytics models 

Business Case for Learning Analytics

9:15 – 10:00

  • Discuss why most organizations need learning analytics
  • Share various evaluation methods used for learning analytics
  • Activity: Demonstrate the impact and value for your organization by applying analytics


10:00 – 10:15

Building a Measurement Culture

10:15 – 10:30

  • Measurement maturity model
  • Eight dimensions to building sustainable measurement
  • How MTM helps improve measurement maturity

Align Measurement Practices to Demonstrate Business Value

10:30 – 11:30

  • Activity: What Key Performance Indicators are you using? How do you gather them?
  • Define common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Discuss how to use KPIs and Benchmarks to demonstrate value
  • Activity: Explore sample reports with KPIs

Measuring for Impact

11:30 – 12:00

  • Demonstrating causation
  • Impact studies / ROI investigations
  • Comparative approaches to evaluation

Lunch (provided for attendees)

12:00 – 1:00

A Comparative, Scalable Evaluation System

1:00 – 2:30

  • Systematic approaches available in the market (LMS, LRS, Testing tools, MTM, xAPI)
  • Demonstration: Metrics That Matter system demonstration


2:30 – 2:45

Special Features

2:45 – 3:15

  • Instructor Reporting
  • Report Scheduling
  • Comment Summary
  • Predictive Analytics

Informal Learning

3:15 – 3:45

  • What is informal learning?
  • How can it be measured?
  • How does MTM measure informal learning?


3:45 – 4:00

Speaker Bios

Dr. John Mattox II, Ph. D.


John is a Managing Consultant with CEB, now Gartner, and serves clients by helping them develop measurement strategies and measure the impact of curriculum on critical business measures.  In February 2014, CEB purchased KnowledgeAdvisors where John was the Director of Research. Prior to joining KnowledgeAdvisors in March 2010, John led training evaluation teams at KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen for 12 years. In 2014 he co-authored a book with Jac Fitz-enz entitled Predictive Analytics for Human Resources. In 2016 he published a book on learning analytics with his colleagues Jean Martin and Mark Van Buren.  He lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and three children.

John holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology (I/O and Quantitative concentrations) from The University of Memphis and an undergraduate degree in psychology from The Johns Hopkins University.  

Steve Lange, MS


Steve joined Metrics that Matter in 2016 and has 23 years of experience in TL&D and Performance Consulting. Steve has led L&D and Performance projects across industries including: Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Quick Service. His professional and educational background consists of knowledge in the areas of Instructional Design, Performance Consulting, Measurement & Evaluation, Project Management, and Facilitation. 

Steve provides expertise and insight in order for organizations to strategically and consistently measure, evaluate, and manage their L&D programs. At Gartner, Steve works with clients to craft talent-focused measurement solutions for learning and development needs. Leading consulting teams, he assists clients to develop and streamline strategies, tools, and analytics with the goals of improving efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately increasing business returns on human capital investments.

Prior to working at Metrics that Matter, Steve worked for 10+ years with the McDonald’s Worldwide and US TL&D groups managing projects from designing training for McDonald’s mobile app to performing impact studies and people analytics reporting across the training function.

Dr. Christine Lawther, Ph. D.


Christine Lawther is the Manager of Advisory Support with Gartner’s Metrics That Matter TM  team.   Christine supports a number of organizations across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, financial, and retail sectors on Learning & Development measurement, analytics and strategy.  In her role, she enables her clients to report and analyze L&D metrics such as ROI, scrap learning, and business impact on key human capital initiatives.  Outside of work, Christine is an adjunct professor who teaches Organizational Leadership at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Cristina Hall, MBA


Cristina is the Director of Product Strategy at Gartner Metrics That Matter and has 12 years of experience helping users measure, improve, and communicate the impact of learning & development investments on individual and company performance.  She is deeply passionate about helping L&D leaders elevate their credibility with business leaders through the application of practical metrics.

Daniel Burke


Daniel joined Metrics that Matter in 2013 and has 10 years of L&D experience. Daniel works with organizations to implement the Metrics that Matter learning analytics platform and create automated, scalable, and sustainable measurement solutions.  He also assists clients with making data driven learning and development decisions using varied Metrics that Matter reporting tools.  Previous clients include those in the pharmaceutical, oil & gas, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and energy industries.

Daniel is particularly passionate about enabling clients to collect advanced learning metrics via the Metrics that Matter SmartSheetTM evaluations, configuring robust automated reporting plans, and creating client-specific data analyses with targeted recommendations using a consultative approach.  Finally, he works with clients to integrate their Learning Management System with Metrics that Matter to further automate the evaluation process.

Prior to joining Metrics that Matter, Daniel worked at Kaplan for eight years in both finance, project management, and implementation capacities.  Most recently Daniel worked with Kaplan Higher Education campuses across the country to implement a blended learning solution.

Live Event: Learning Analytics Workshop

How to Ensure L&D Measures Up

Thursday, May 17, 2018
8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. EST

Who is this event for?

Please join us if you are an L&D manager, director or other HR learning analytics leader interested in measuring the outcomes of learning and development programs.