Manager / Professional Selection

Engage Leadership to Drive Business Performance

Why Now

Hiring the right managers has a direct and dramatic impact on a company’s performance. Those with the best leadership skills are 50% more likely to outperform revenue expectations and 80% more likely to outperform profit expectations.

However, only 50% of selection decisions are win/win, where both the candidate and the organization feel they have made the right choice. This leads to lower performance levels, less new hire engagement, and higher attrition.

Maximize Hiring Success

Our Manager and Professional solutions will help you make better recruitment decisions through objective measurements that accurately predict future potential

Our Approach

Venn diagram
  • Define role requirements using our Universal Competency Framework—an overarching structure for defining competencies for all jobs, at all levels and in all industries and countries.
  • Identify future leaders by evaluating multiple competencies (e.g., coaching, decision making).
  • Match managerial candidates to the job and organization.
  • Use our leadership assessment tests to measure team management capabilities.
  • Align people with strategy to drive business outcomes.
  • Pinpoint high-potential leadership talent.