Talent Management




Design and execute a precise recruiting and sourcing strategy to find the talent most needed by the enterprise.

Fact-based hiring decisions save companies time, money, and resources, while impacting the bottom line.  Unfortunately, few business leaders have objective insight on the suitability of their candidates, and fewer than half use objective data to make talent planning and sourcing decisions. CEB can enable more precise talent decisions by providing you with rich real-time data about talent supply and demand, and proven tools that enable you to identify the right candidates, set expectations with your hiring managers, and improve hiring outcomes.


Rich global talent demand and supply data, predictive analytics, and insights help you plan, recruit, and optimize global talent with access to over 35 billion data points covering talent supply, demand, and cost.

Hear from Our Customers

TalentNeuron helps us not only make better decisions on location and talent but also validate those decisions over timetime.”

VP of Talent Planning

Global Software Company


Comprehensive candidate selection which improves hiring outcomes and enhances candidate experience.

Hear from Our Customers

When you’re fighting for talent, you want to be sure that potential employees will deliver results. The solution gives us that confidence.”

Stijn De Groef,

Senior Global Talent Manager, Swarovski

Sunstone Analytics

Résumé-based predictive analytics that instantly identifies top candidates based on key features associated with high performers within a specific company and role.

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College/Graduate Recruitment Solution

Maximize the potential of your graduate program with powerful tools and insights proven to help organizations recruit and develop the right talent.

Hear from Our Customers

Thanks to the new approach, HEINEKEN has improved the quality of the candidates entering the final assessment, line manager and candidate satisfaction are up, and we have seen a rapid return on investment.”

Alfonso Auñón García

International Graduate Programme Manager, HEINEKEN International

Manager/Professional Selection

Enable your organization to make better recruitment decisions through objective measurements that help identify styles, values, and abilities that predict future potential and yield improved organizational performance.

Hear from Our Customers

We simply have to get the best people to remain competitive. The use of assessment and ability tests is crucial in achieving our aim of recruiting the best people.”

Rick Woodward, Learning & Development Director


Assessment Services

Receive hands-on support to help you implement an assessment program that meets your business priorities. Our global team of HR experts, occupational psychologists, talent measurement specialists, and implementation advisors can work with you to design, deliver, and apply industry-leading, scalable assessment solutions to address your business needs.

“Not only do we significantly reduce the time and financial costs typically attached to employee turnover, but our customized talent assessment system also translated into millions of dollars.”

Jeremy Juutilainen

Head of Talent Management, Swarovski