Improving the Impact on Talent Development Programs

Learning analytics is changing L&D departments dramatically and the teams that effectively leverage analytic processes will create substantial competitive advantage for their organizations.

Traditionally, evaluation of talent development programs focused on understanding activity. How many people have been trained? In what ways were the materials delivered, and how much did it cost the organization? Organizations with more advanced evaluation practices measured specific outcomes such as learning gained during training, intent to apply learning, and expected performance improvement. Yet very few measured return on investment (ROI) because of the difficulty of isolating a program's impact from other initiatives and monetizing the value of performance improvement.

Since then, the evaluation conversation has changed for businesses in recent years. As leaders realize the impact that talent development programs can have on their organization, they look to L&D to understand how these investments are providing value. This is where having the right metrics and guidance to provide ROI back to stakeholders becomes critical.

This book focuses on defining new measurement needs and describing new analytic solutions that can boost the impact of talent development programs. The authors share insights based on CEB research and best practices formulated while deploying CEB’s world-class learning analytics tool, CEB Metrics That Matter™. Critical areas of focus include aligning development programs to business needs, creating measures that serve as leading indicators of success, isolating the programs' impact, developing actionable results for C-suite decision making, and using technology to provide instant insights.

Download this complimentary whitepaper to read the key trends coming out of the book and learn ways you can implement L&D in your organization today.

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