Recruiting teams with Talent Advisor capabilities see tangible business outcomes including improved quality of hire, lower cost per hire, better candidate fit, effective hiring manager partnerships, and stronger strategic profile for Recruiting.

Talent Advisor Defined

Talent Advisors are decision influencers not order takers. They earn the right to influence by informing staffing decisions with acute knowledge of the organization and deep expertise of external markets. Only about 19% of recruiters qualify to be Talent Advisors.

Talent Advisor Capabilities

Recruiters deal with complex organizations and unforgiving labor markets every day. Meeting these challenges requires recruiters to think differently, they must shift from taking orders to influencing decisions. The most effective recruiters act as Talent Advisors bringing their knowledge of labor markets and internal talent strategy to conversations with the line.


CEB Talent Advisor Leadership Academy is specifically designed for recruiters to develop consultative capabilities. Using a highly configured approach that includes two learning events, and is supported by out-of-the-classroom service features. Participants learn through interactive interventions, apply skills to real world projects, sustain ongoing development via self-guided refresh activities, and measure the impact and performance improvement by utilizing CEB Metrics That Matter(TM).

Client Testimonial


Jeanne Fedoryk, Vice President of Global Recruiting for Johnson & Johnson, shares the skills needed to develop your recruiting team into Talent Advisors.

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Develop recruiters' consultative capabilities using a highly configured approach that includes two learning events.

Session I: Building Business Acumen

  • Create business value by applying knowledge of how business strategy affects talent needs.
  • Strategically frame requisitions based on extensive knowledge of the organization and labor markets.

Session II: Advising with Influence

  • Enhance staffing decisions using business and functional expertise and persuasive communication.
  • Secure commitment for strategic recruitment plans and hiring recommendations.

Sample Titles Include:

  • Recruiter
  • Senior Recruiter
  • Recruiting Manager

  • Talent Acquisition Director
  • Executive Recruiter
  • Technical Attraction/Staffing Specialist