Today, fewer than 18% of business leaders trust talent data and insights coming out of HR. Even worse, 80% of those leaders believe their HR staff do not have the skills to improve their HR Analytic capabilities.

Data is Not Leading to Insights or Impact

Research based on CEB's recent study on transforming HR's impact on the business through data, demonstrates that development for HR Staff to apply judgment to HR data cannot be overlooked.

Few HR Leaders Believe They Are Getting Significant Returns on Analytics Investments

Few HR Leaders Believe They Are Getting Significant Returns on Analytics Investments

HR Analytics Has Led Me to Change a Business Decision in the Past Year

HR Analytics Has Led Me to Change a Business in the Past Year

The Challenge of Getting HR Analytics Right

HR teams are under pressure as senior business leaders are asking for more analytics support in making key business decisions. The following are some of the reasons HR is not able to provide these critical insights:

  • HR staff often have databases full of data and struggle to find the pieces that will make a difference in business decisions.
  • HR staff may have the key pieces of data but lack the skills required to align data with strategic business priorities.
  • HR often struggles with presenting data to business partners in a manner that aides the decision-making process

What the Best Companies Do

Leading organizations are going beyond reporting data and instead translating and presenting numbers to demonstrate value to the business.

Analytic Impact Improves Key Talent Outcomes

Learning Objectives

HR Analytics for Business Impact is a rigorous learning experience that has been specifically designed to teach the critical skills needed to provide the business more meaningful insights to drive better business decisions.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the fundamental strategic priorities of the business and learn how to provide enhanced decision support leveraging analytics.
  • Develop a structured approach to apply judgment, and generate insight from data for enhanced decision making.
  • Build skills to increase analytic impact by supporting the business to guide decisions and providing actionable support for key stakeholders.

The Curriculum

HR Analytics for Business Impact

  • Prioritize critical business questions
  • Apply business judgment to data science
  • Drive to Co-Ownership of the data
  • Application of HR analytics for business impact

Who Should Attend?

Participants are generally in mid-management positions, with 8 – 15 years of experience. The participant profile is more flexible for company-specific delivery, which allows us to tailor the learning experience across a variety of audience demographics and desired learning outcomes