3 Major Trends Are Changing Corporate Finance

CEB has observed 3 major trends that will significantly impact how finance functions operate in the future, particularly with regard to their talent needs and talent management challenges.

  1. Data and Analytics
  2. Finance Technology
  3. Complexity

Executives recognize the importance of those trends but they also identify them as the areas that finance teams are least prepared for.

Succeeding Requires a New Talent Profile

To capitalize on analytics and technology opportunities, and to succeed in a complex environment, Finance should focus on developing Pathfinder competencies. The Pathfinder talent profile is:

3X more likely to make and inform strategic decisions

2X more likely to be productive

3X more likely to recruit and retain the best talent

Today's Finance Teams Are Headed in a New Direction

Finance Leadership Academy - Thomas Roberts

CEB's Thomas Roberts shares how the most effective finance teams are built around the key Pathfinder competencies.

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CEB's Blended Learning Methodology Delivers Superior Results

CEB Finance Leadership Academy has been reinvented around a blended learning approach that mixes synchronous live or virtual learning interventions with out-of-the-classroom application, sustainability, and measurement activities.


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  •  Pre/Post Session Assignments
  •  Two-day Classroom Sessions

Session I: Builder - Leadership and Collaboration

  • Recognize communication styles and adapt accordingly
  • Collaborate effectively with others
  • Aligh team members to organizational goals
  • Flex leadership style to suit other teams and situations
  • Improve team performance through coaching

Session II: Strategist - Business Judgment and Problem Solving

  • Align finance priorities and decisions to business strategy
  • Identify the root cause of problems and challenge business partner assumptions
  • Draw insight from data to support finance recommendations
  • Deepen understanding of business challenges and priorities

Session III: Persuader - Influence and Communication

  • Generate key stakeholder buy-in for changes and recommendations
  • Craft powerful messages and support recommendations with compelling graphics
  • Deliver influential presentations

Flexible Classroom Design

CEB develops all three Builder, Strategist, and Persuader profiles, either as a multistage learning journey or through single, focused learning events.

Prefer to focuse on one specific category?

Select one theme - Builder, Strategist, or Persuader for accelerated team development.

Participant Sample Titles Include:

  • Finance Program Manager/Director
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Controller
  • Finance Manager - Tax, Accounting, Treasury
  • Finance Manager - Investor Relations
  • Finance Manager - Performance Management
  • Finance Manager - Strategy, Planning, Decision Support
  • Finance Manager - Risk
  • Finance Manager - Accounts Payable/Receivable, Payroll