Leadership Academies

We provide measurable results that prove our solution delivers improved performance and business impact. The Leadership Academies provide the ability to measure and validate the impact of learning with CEB Metrics That MatterTM.

Proven Results

Demonstrated Business Impact

Participants report a 207% ROI and a benefit to cost ratio of 3:1 from their completion of a Leadership Academy experience. Managers rate the ROI slightly higher.

Both managers and participants have found that the payback period for the investment is less than 4 months.

Demonstrated Performance Impact

6% improvement in a participant's job performance due to the participation in a Leadership Academy.

More than 80% of participants have been able to apply the knowledge and skills learned to their work since completing the experience.

Superior Development Experience

90 days after their final session, 90% of participants believe that the Leadership Academy experience was a worthwhile investment in their career development.