Delivery Models

We offer two delivery models to accommodate the diverse development needs of organizations today: cross-company cohorts and company-specific cohorts.


Cross-Company Cohort


Company-Specific Cohort

What Are Your Development Needs?


Our cross-company offering is ideal for developing select staff from your organization alongside professionals from other organizations.

  • Develop select staff to become effective business partners.
  • Increase high potential (HIPO) retention or engagement.
  • Integrate development as part of succession planning efforts.
  • Expand staff perspectives with HIPO peers across industries.

Our company-specific structure allows organizations to tailor the classroom to their specific business needs for a more customized learning experience.

  • Develop business partner capabilities for a critical mass of staff as part of organizational development effort.
  • Support organizational change.
  • Create a tailored learning experience without customized cost.
  • Facilitate stronger team culture through networking and collaboration.
  • Share a common language and tools.



Two to eight participants from your organization alongside professionals from other organizations.


At least 20 of your staff.



Single organization hosts standardized Academy experience with multiple organizations at its facilities.


Academy curriculum is tailored to your organization's business requirements.



Hosted at your organization or another organization in your region.


Hosted at your organization or another organzation in your region. Flexible, blended learning to combine live and virtual sessions to meet your needs.