Learning Approach

Learning Approach


CEB Leadership Academies are designed based on functionally specific research and developed to build the competencies each function needs to deliver measurable results and drive business impact. Learn more about each of our programs and the research behind them:


Looking for training for yourself or for your organization? Learn more about our different delivery models and ability to configure content to fit your organization.

Design Principles

Our design principles ensure participants learn the skills and frameworks that matter most to senior executives and know how to use those skills and frameworks back on the job.

Interactive Learning Experience

  • Sessions are 75% discussion and activities and only 25% lecture
  • Activities include case studies, presentations, role plays, reflection, and videos

Peer Learning

  • Participants work in peer groups to maximize networking and feedback opportunities
  • Integrated opportunities allow participants to learn from and teach others inside and outside of the classroom.

Delivery Methods

Our flexible program gives you choices about what to learn and how to learn it. With live and virtual courses we can combine delivery options to create the right program for you and your organization.

Delivery Methods


One of the most important parts of a training program is what participants do after the training and how they integrate their new skills into their job.

We know it can be overwhelming to figure out when and how to apply all the new skills and frameworks learned. That is why our solution makes application and a cornerstone of its design.

Through the following prompts participants are guided to use and maintain their skills as soon as they are back in the office:

Activate Skills

Use the core skills learned on the job.

Connect with Manager

Establish manager's role needed to support new skill application.

Engage Network

Leverage Leadership Academy network to provide feedback and push thinking.


After their final session participants build on Apply by connecting the module-specific skills and integrating the concepts into their unique day-to-day work. Through an approximately seven week calendar received at the end of the learning experience participants are prompted to link together the key concepts learned across their Leadership Academy sessions. Guided application opportunities give participants prompts on when to use specific concepts or frameworks to build and enhance strategic partnerships.

For our onsite solution for CEB Finance Leadership Academy, CEB HR Leadership Academy, and CEB IT Leadership Academy we also offer an on-demand virtual platform to continuously refresh and practice skills learned. Following the last Leadership Academy session, participants are provided access to videos, articles, and other resources that can help them refresh on concepts learned in the classroom. Participants will:

  • Refresh on the frameworks and the key learnings from the Leadership Academy via short videos and readings.
  • Practice using the tools received in class via additional guided application activities. The tools used in class will be there for participants to use as they go.


CEB Metrics That Matterâ„¢ is integrated into the program to demonstrate the impact of each session and the program overall. Learning measurement includes:

  • Measurement after each session and 90 days after the final session.
  • Manager evaluation of the learner's skill application 90 days after the program.
  • Comprehensive report regarding performance, application, and business impact for each session and the overall program.


Manager support is one of the most important drivers of skill adoption and critical to helping Leadership Academies participants use what they learn back on the job.

Our virtual manager enablement program gives managers coaching and content resources that will help them support learner application. By increasing managers' awareness of what participants learned managers are better positioned to see when a participant is trying out new skills and support them in doing so.