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CEB Leader Edge Solution

The Power of Matching Leaders to Challenges

Supported by the most comprehensive leadership study of this century, this innovative new solution objectively measures a leader's attributes and experiences alongside the challenges they will need to overcome.  This enables to you to predict whether your leaders will succeed (or not) with up to 3x more certainty, driving increased confidence when making leadership talent decisions.

The CEB Leader Edge Solution helps you:

  • Identify: Identify potential of current and future leaders against the question "high potential for what?"
  • Develop: Highlight leader development focus and conduct more business-relevant career discussions
  • Place: Match best-fit leaders into roles with increased precision and confidence
  • Review: Audit leadership talent to understand bench strength

Drive More Impact From Your Leadership Initiatives



Reduce risk with higher prediction of leader performance.



Accelerate time to performance for transitioning leaders.



Improve ROI on leadership development initiatives.



Enable growth by building a stronger leadership pipeline aligned to business challenges.

How It Works: The CEB Approach

  • Measure fit to contextual challenges using market-leading SHL OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) assessment, plus experience survey
  • Generate personalized interview guides and development plans based on assessment results
  • Access talent data via an intuitive on-demand platform
  • Apply scalably for large leadership populations
  • Share leadership talent data in the language of business, not HR
  • Rescore talent data to inform broader talent decisions