Leadership Programs Aren’t Working

No question – leadership matters.  Organizations with strong leadership benches achieve twice the revenue and profit growth of those with weak benches.  However, despite significant investments, leadership and succession initiatives are not performing.  

A New Approach is Needed

These risks ought to be sobering - and catalysts for action.  If your leadership programs are delivering lackluster results, help is at hand.

Through our latest research, we now understand the 27 challenges that are critical to making or breaking your leaders' performance and the exact leader attributes that predict success in these challenges - bringing a new level of precision to leadership talent decisions.


By considering leader fit with the job title and the challenges they are likely to face, you can predict whether a leader will succeed (or not) with up to 3x more certainty.


Leverage this research through the CEB Leader Edge Solution: Identify, develop and place your leaders based on the challenges they are likely to face.