SHL High-Potential Solution

Make Best Practice Your Practice

Your HIPO program is likely one of the most important and most expensive programs in the company. However, 5 out of 6 HR professionals are dissatisfied with their outcomes. They are failing to build a strong succession pipeline.

This may be because the overall HIPO program is not designed in a way that maps to the organization’s business goals or is not managed and evolved as business needs change.

The SHL Approach

Leading companies are innovating on ways to manage, evolve and track progress of their HIPO programs. They continuously evaluate their HIPO initiatives to ensure they assess and develop the skills required in the future based on business needs.

SHL's HR Leadership Councils provide an always-on resource to feed you with the latest best practices and tools to sustain the impact of your HIPO initiatives. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, SHL members can leverage proven methods to get the most out of their HIPO program and manage it effectively over time to guarantee ongoing success.

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