SHL High-Potential Solution

Do You Know Who the True HIPOs Are in Your Organization?

High-potentials are frequently mistaken for those who are performing well today. However, only 1 in 7 high performers have the critical motivation and behaviors to be considered a true HIPO. Too many programs focus their efforts on the wrong people, which results in wasted resources.

How can you select the right people for your HIPO program?

The SHL Approach

Having a clear definition of high-potential is an essential starting point for identifying the right employees and realizing their potential to succeed. SHL has studied high-potential employees and high-potential programs for over a decade and has identified the critical factors that determine their success.

Our model defines high-potential and helps to answer three critical questions:

Who will rise to more senior positions?

Who will be effective in more challenging roles?

Who are committed to the organization and will stay?

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