SHL High-Potential Solution

Do Your Development Programs Drive Your HIPOs to Their Full Potential?

When it comes to HIPO development, most programs continue to underperform. 64% of HIPOs are dissatisfied with their development experiences and 95% of programs fail to drive learning follow-through and application.

It's not only about what HIPOs learn, but also how they learn it.  Traditional HIPO development is focused on formal training—but research shows that 70% of learning comes from experience, 20% from others and only 10% from formal training.

The SHL Approach

Transitioning to on-the-job learning can achieve 3x the impact on performance for a fraction of the cost. However, one of the risks is the assumption that in-job learning will happen on its own.

To help employees extract the right learning from their experiences, the SHL High-Potential Solution provides action roadmaps that guide HIPOs in how to practice, reflect and get feedback in areas that are critical to successful performance.

The learning process is delivered through our cloud-based, mobile-enabled application SHL Development Coach – which makes it highly scalable.

70-20-10 Model

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