SHL High-Potential Solution

What the Best Companies Do

The SHL High-Potential Solution helps organizations to realize the promise of their HIPO programs by providing a new methodology based on best practices for identifying, benchmarking, developing and managing your HIPOs.

The SHL High Potential Solution

Our assessment tools enable you to identify your top talent based on their aspiration for more senior roles, engagement with the company, and ability to perform in the face of top business challenges

Using external benchmarking data allows you to accurately assesses your HIPOs against best-in-class peers and competitors to understand your talent’s strategic positioning. Drawn from our talent analytics database of over over 9m assessments, you can spot the gaps that require targeted development.

Develop your HIPOs with structured on-the-job learning. We offer a unique approach through our scalable cloud-based application, SHL Development Coach, which provides experiential learning activities based on individual assessment results. This allows your HIPOs to practice, reflect and get feedback to enable them to reach their peak performance.

Manage and sustain the impact of your HIPO initiatives by leveraging proven best practices and decision support tools. SHL’s HR Leadership Councils provide an always-on resource to feed you the latest insights to maximize your HIPO program.