College / Graduate Recruitment

Hire the Top College Graduates Before Your Competitors

Why Now

Despite record numbers of graduate applicants, organizations struggle to identify the best graduate talent to fill open positions. Recruiters are overloaded with applications from candidates who are unqualified and have spent little time understanding the organization or job requirements.

Graduates Fail to Make Informed Decisions

  • 1 in 5 graduates consciously applies for jobs they are not interested in.
  • 3 in 4 graduates do not understand the day-to-day work before starting a job.
  • 1 in 3 graduates say they made the right decision when accepting a job.

Most employers think students need to do more to prepare for work, exposing a clear gap between employers' and educators' perceptions of employability. Meanwhile, most organizations' attraction and selection processes focus on a narrow set of criteria that don't illuminate candidates' broader capabilities or ideal development paths, leaving the organizations unable to assist candidates in bridging that gap.

Recruit and Develop The Right Graduate Talent

Venn diagram
  • With the right insight, organizations can radically reduce recruiters' time spent searching through unsuitable applications and identify and acquire top talent more efficiently.
  • Our Graduate Recruitment solution leverages the Graduate Employability Framework to accurately predict graduates‘ potential to succeed.  It also provides insights for organizations to help graduates to perform and grow within their new roles.
  • Powerful talent analytics tools help fine-tune graduate program performance and allow our clients to make the most out of their graduate programs.