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Leadership Succession: Where Are Your Gaps?

Despite significant time and financial investment being spent on succession management, only a quarter of organizations have the leadership bench they need and 65% of line managers agree that succession processes should align better with changing organizational requirements. 

Traditional approaches to succession programs need to evolve to make them effective in today’s unpredictable, complex business environment.  What it means to be “ready now” looks very different today, with leadership having to operate within constant organizational change, and with more change expected for the foreseeable future. Let us help.

To create a leadership bench that is ready for the future, organizations need to move from leadership pipelines to a more flexible portfolio approach.    

Read the latest insights and find out how to future-proof your succession strategy.

Only 1 in 4 leaders currently in seat has been pre-identified by a succession plan.

Rethink your approach - learn what you can do now to maintain a strong leadership bench for now and the future.