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Jim Oates

Group Head of Internal Audit | UBS AG

Show Transcript

Why do you continue to renew your CEB membership?

For me, bang for buck, we’ve had some great new ideas that we’ve gotten out of the research done by CEB. Also from the workshops we attend and the leadership meetings that we participate in, many ideas that have provoked and innovated other things going on in our department that have contributed to us increasing our overall effectiveness. Those things are often difficult to measure and monitor for an audit department, but it’s certainly been invaluable and a partnership that we hope to continue for a long time.

How does CEB help you to think differently?

We have leveraged a lot of the insights gained from CEB to affect the way we approach some of our challenges. In particular when we have very open dialog across industries, which is probably the most important value we get (we can be very insular in our in our industries), and thinking about some of the challenges shared universally, our ability to influence change, to be focussed on the right risks, we pick up some great ideas about new approaches to take forward. They spark that kind of thought about how we can make this work in our organization and are a key input on any change initiative we embark on.

What would you do without CEB?

If I did not have the CEB relationship and access to information, I’d probably be fumbling around in the dark a bit, trying to find standards and best practice. They may not even be organized in a way that would keep me going, probably would give up and would describe it as a huge missed opportunity. You never know what you don’t know, but once you see the power of what’s there it’s something I wouldn’t give up.

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