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Joe Nelson

Senior Director of Marketing | Purchasing Power

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How do you use CEB on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

What CEB brings to the table is an easy way for the team to access […] the latest information, the research, case studies. If we're trying to figure out a better way to implement a program or to enhance a program, chances are there's another marketer out there that's probably already done it, or something very similar so we can go to the CEB site and we can source that information and we can see those case studies so that maybe we can avoid some of the pitfalls, versus figuring it out on our own, at the same time while we're doing the day to day execution.

How has CEB helped you grow your department or function?

A specific example I'll give you is when it comes to things like strategy and planning. We, in fact, at the outset of our membership with CEB, took full advantage of some of the tools, some of the best practices that the CEB team offered us when it comes to marketing strategy and planning and immediately adopted those things out of the gate. So I felt like we were able to really justify the investment in the membership really quickly with that information.

How does CEB impact you daily?

I'm notified automatically when those different topics are being presented and if I can't attend, I usually send it to the relevant member of my team who will then attend those webinars. So it really helps us stay abreast of the latest developments in trends in the field of marketing that we can apply in our business.

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