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Chako Morgan

VP of Product Sales PQIS | ProQuest

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How has your CEB membership helped you transform your department?

We're in the middle of kind of restructuring our sales force, creating strategic planning for the company as a whole, and how our sales structure needs to change to adapt to that new strategic shape, and CEB has really helped in kind of identifying different sales models to look at, what might work best for the strategy that lies ahead, and how we might be able to implement that across the board. We cover a lot of different markets and a lot of different products, so coming up with a structure that works well for our sales reps as well as for the strategic intent of the company is challenging, but something that CEB has definitely helped us with.

How do you derive business value from your CEB membership?

On a day-to-day basis, we have used the Challenger research and incorporated a Challenger Hiring Guide. We use that once we interview for new candidates. We use the Challenger Speak alongside with our selling methodology — How do you get in front of the customer and then what do you say when you get there?

How does your CEB membership help you build alignment and support for key initiatives?

When we have internal issues between sales and marketing and publishing and product management, part of our struggle is getting everyone to work together for a common purpose and a common goal. CEB provides that neutral third party expertise based on best practices and it helps facilitate a lot of the conversation so it's not sales asking for this, or marketing telling one department to do this, or something else. It does provide that deep insight that's credible but also neutral.

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