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Cynthia Burkhardt

Head of Global Talent Acquisition | Philips

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Why do you attend CEB events?

I’ve been a member of CEB for quite some time both with my current company, Philips and my past company, Johnson & Johnson. I’ve always taken advantage of all of the materials, I find it just a huge timesaver where you’re leading recruitment you’re so busy with meetings and all the other things that sometimes you just forget to kind of step back and see what’s new on the horizon and what’s innovative. I’ve always relied on CEB for that so it’s done well for me in that way.

How are you finding CEB’s HR Summit?

For us at Phillips we’re a little bit ahead and we’re doing very well as a function; what yesterday did for me was validate what we’re doing, so it let me know that yes we’re doing the right things, that we’re on the right path and that the things that we’ve put in place in the year span of 2013 are in line with what CEB’s recommending so it was very nice for me that way. The return on investment that I get that’s not part of the programme is really the networking, so I’ve spent the last two days just getting to know some of my colleagues at other companies and really just picking up tips and tricks and best practices and that’s invaluable, so in general the event’s been fabulous.

What business goals has CEB helped you achieve?

So I’m past the process of insourcing executive recruitment. We started it about a year ago, we’re having great results but we’re ready now to take it out of pilot and expand it so the executive recruitment focus has been quite helpful: a lot around business case, around what insourcing executive recruitment can mean for the organisation and for fit, so that’s been quite helpful and then as I go to expansion of executive recruitment in the years to come I’ll rely on CEB heavily for that as well.

What differentiates CEB?

What differentiates CEB for me, and I’ll share with you that I only belong to two groups, what differentiates it for me is that you truly demonstrate a passion for helping your customer, keeping your customer on the cusp of innovation, telling us what’s next and what we should be concentrating on, and really saving us time. Just as easy as giving me a template so I can have a one page strategy that I don’t have to think of, it’s just a real good time saver and I think that’s really what I rely on CEB for.

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