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Allison Norton-Rimron

VP Financial Systems and Process Improvements | Hanesbrands, Inc.

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How do you derive value from your CEB membership?

I get very clear, actionable research that's easy to understand, that you can very quickly take and translate to your organization, as opposed to some of the other research think tanks that are a little more academic and philosophical and you go, "Okay, well that's really interesting, now what do I do with it?" So I really value that clarity of thought and how you can transform that quickly into an action plan and really make changes in your organization.

How has your CEB membership helped you transform your department?

So I am in the process of building out a department because I have a newly created role as VP of Financial Systems and Process Improvement, and we are embarking on a multi-year finance transformation process. So we are evaluating what focus areas we want to look at that have those qualitative and quantitative impacts, and we're in the process as we make decisions about those, about staffing up the group to figure out what are the best skill sets to actually execute those initiatives.

How has CEB impacted you personally?

It's been great. When I moved into this new role in May of this year, the very first phone call I made was to my account manager at CEB going, "Okay, I'm coming back into finance after two and a half years in IT. How can I get up to speed on what is a finance transformation, and what are the kinds of things I should be looking at so I sound reasonably intelligent before I go in front of my boss?" So it's been really invaluable, and it's really helped me to focus on what are those key attributes and key deliverables that really make a difference and not worry so much about the rest of it.

How has CEB helped you navigate a leadership transition?

CEB has really already assisted me from the beginnings in terms of getting the new role and sort of what are the plethora of things that I should be looking at as I'm leading that initiative or series of initiatives. And then to focusing on some of the qualitative aspects so that we are not merely focused on how do we reduce cost and improve efficiency, but what are the skills of the future for the finance leadership and how do we develop, hire in, and really leverage those business partnering skills so that the business can make better decisions to improve the overall ROI of the company.

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