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Kelly Griffith

National Sales Enablement Manager | Data#3

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Do you have an example of where you have used CEB tools to solve a specific business problem?

Through our membership with CEB we've had access to a whole bunch of tools, including the blocker tools. Through the process of mentoring a couple of reps in deals, we had a rep that was close to losing a very large deal to a competitor. Going through that with her we realised that the blocker tool is something that we could give a go, so her and her manager then went through the process and within two weeks what looked like was a large deal about to go south to the competitor turned around and we had a deal closed within two weeks. We then shared it with part of the management team and one of the managers in another line of business took that up and he then applied the tool with one of his reps and had success as well. So, just those two deals was about 700k in GP that we were close to losing. One we'd never had before. So together, very successful.

How have you used CEB to transform your organisation?

Besides using the sales advisory and membership, we look to the tools and the research. We're also embarking now on the Challenger Sale. So we started with just reading the book - sales teams and the support and technical teams as well. And upon consuming that we gave the managers access to the CEB membership. And now we're embarking on rolling out the Challenger Messaging and Coaching for our sellers and managers and then creating commission insights, as well.

How valuable have you found today's CEB event? Any key insights or takeaways?

So today's event I guess is proof as to why we not have only engaged with the solutions team for a big program of work, but also continue our membership on-going. The reason is that the research is certainly not static - so today's new research, which is really valuable around the seller complexity, gives our sellers a clean path to go out and do what they do well; it's some really good insight into some of the things we need to do within the business.

How do you justify CEB membership in the boardroom? What do you perceive to be CEB's key differentiators from other sales advisory groups?

I think, actually the main justification about working with CEB is that we're looking to transform and transition our sales capability in line with where we're taking our business, which is to be a more service-centric organisation. And by enhancing the sales capability and the way we do things for our sales organisation, it's a perfect fit, because it's current research. We get to leverage best practice globally, but we also locally get to partner with peer organisations and learn from those that have already done it and are still doing it. So it's a great networking opportunity in the advisory membership as well.

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