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Raul Valentin

VP, Talent Acquisition | Comcast

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What business challenge prompted you to become a CEB member?

The primary challenge that led to me joining the CEB was really building and establishing a talent acquisition function. When you go about that, there's a number of ways you can go about that: you can go outside and hire external consultants, you can just learn it the hard way, or you can leverage — what I find — the tools, the resources, the best practices that help accelerate your ability to build a function, and learn from others very quickly.

How is CEB different from competitors?

A large difference in the CEB is it's obviously vendor neutral—you feel a level of confidence in the objectivity of the research. I also think it's increasingly client focused: it's listening to its members as to what's pressing, what's current in the marketplace in terms of needs or gaps. That makes it a useful tool, and a partner.

If you changed roles or companies, would you still use CEB?

I did change companies, and I'd used CEB — I'd actually brought them in before — at my prior company. Used them for probably close to eight years. Then when I joined Comcast, one of the first things I realized was that we were not members, and I knew I had a build-up on my hands, and it was one of the first things I went to the senior leaders of HR and said, I really need this, this is a worthwhile investment, this gives me great access to it. I think it's a wonderful tool, and really helps, so I would bring it.  Wherever I go, it's coming with me.

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